Get Involved

Host an iFly All Abilities Night

Let’s host an indoor skydiving event at your local iFly. 

iFly has an All Abilities Night at each of their locations once a month. This is a great way to test your abilities and take flight at half the price. 

Invite 12 of your friends with spinal cord injuries in your area to join you for an amazing night of fun a fellowship. We will help organize the night and come out and fly with you. If you love it and want to host the All Abilities Night each month we can make you a flight ambassador and you can host the event each month and you fly for FREE. For more information email us at

Start a SCI USA Chapter in your area.

We have had so much success getting people involved in the Atlanta area we thought why stop there? We are looking for people that would like to start a SCI USA Chapter in their community. We can help with ideas on how to create a buzz in your area and help get your chapter started. Email us for more information at

Peer Support

We offer several different ways to reach the individual with a spinal cord injury that is struggling with their new way of life. 

Our Facebook closed group has thousands of people living with spinal cord injuries willing to share their perspective and how they overcame everyday life. Join here and introduce yourself.


One on One Peer Support

Reach out to us, let us know where you live and we will make every effort to find someone near you that will shine some light on how they have learned to live a happy successful life after their injury. Email us at


Contact Clint Cook personally and he will be more than willing to speak directly with you about ways to live a normal life after a spinal cord injury.

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